About the AQHA Ranching Heritage Young Horse Development Program

The AQHA Ranching Heritage Young Horse Development Program (YHD) showcases the stock being bred and raised by AQHA Ranching Heritage members by matching donated weanlings with AQHYA members.  Youth in this program are engaged in the horse industry at a fundamental level that is both fun and educational. 

Participating Ranching Heritage breeders donate young horses for Young Horse Development participants to raise and train.  Young horsemen and women learn responsibility and goal-setting, important components of horse ownership - and life skills that can follow them for years to come.  Encouraged by good fun, was well as key education in the horse industry, youth learn to raise and train their weanlings. 

  • Charlsie Reeder, 2021 YHD Participant

    "I have loved being apart of this once in a lifetime opportunity! This program is a great learning experience for life lessons as well as horsemanship. The main two life lessons that I have learned is how to be more responsible and how to be more patient. This program is so amazing, and I am so happy that I could be apart of the 2021 American Quarter Horse Association Young Horse Development Program."

  • Adrian Davis, 2022 YHD Participant

    "The 2022 Ranching Heritage Young Horse Development Program has been an incredible experience. Not only has the program improved my horsemanship skills, but it has also affected me as a person. This program has increased my confidence in making phone calls, writing emails, and having face-to-face interactions with trainers and pros I look up to in the horse industry. Because of this program, I have become a better trainer, and person as a whole."

  • Lily Krumm, 2021 YHD Participant

    "It's crazy that this program is over. Not that long ago I was nervously filling out my January survey. Throughout this program I have learned so much about training yearlings, caring for a yearling, and improving my horsemanship skills. Without this program I wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to learn so much and most importantly get a yearling that I love so much. I'm so grateful for the Young Horse Development Program and everything that it does for the youth that are involved in it."

Course Outline

  • 1


    • Welcome

  • 2

    Introduction Webinar

    • Introduction Webinar Recording

    • Introduction Webinar Slides

    • Thinkific Overview

  • 3

    YHD Program Record Book

    • 2024 AQHA Young Horse Development Program Record Book

    • Monthly Report Example - Horsemanship Report

    • Monthly Report Example - January Progress Survey

    • Monthly Report Example - Photo

  • 4

    AQHA Official Handbook

    • 2024 AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations

  • 5

    Nutrition Webinar and Test

    • Nutrition

    • Nutrition Webinar with Dr. Jane Bagley

    • Nutrition Webinar Slides

    • Nutrition Test - Due March 5th

  • 6

    January Assignments

    • Thank you Note #1 - Due Feb. 5th

    • Program Goal Sheet - Due Feb. 5th

    • January Horsemanship Report - Due. Feb. 5th

    • January Photo - Due Feb. 5th

    • January Progress Survey - Due Feb 5th

  • 7

    February Assignments

    • February Photo - Due Mar. 5th

    • February Horsemanship Report - Due Mar. 5th

    • February Progress Survey - Due Mar. 5th

  • 8

    March Assignments

    • March Horsemanship Report - Due Apr. 5th

    • March Photo - Due Apr. 5th

    • March Progress Survey - Due Apr. 5th

    • Quarterly Report #1 (Jan-March) - Due Apr. 5th

  • 9

    April Assignments

    • Professional Horseman Contact List - Due Apr. 30th

    • April Horsemanship Report - Due May 5th

    • April Photo - Due May 5th

    • April Progress Survey - Due May 5th

  • 10

    May Assignments

    • Video Update to Ranching Heritage Breeder - Due May 30th

    • May Horsemanship Report - Due June 5th

    • May Photo - Due June 5th

    • May Progress Survey - Due June 5th

  • 11

    June Assignments

    • June Horsemanship Report - Due July 5th

    • June Photo - Due July 5th

    • June Progress Survey - Due July 5th

    • Quarterly Report #2 (April-June) - Due July 5th

  • 12

    July Assignments

    • July Horsemanship Report - Due Aug. 5th

    • July Photo - Due Aug. 5th

    • July Progress Survey - Due Aug. 5th

  • 13

    August Assignments

    • Thank You Note #2 - Due Aug. 31st

    • August Horsemanship Report - Due Sept. 5th

    • August Photo - Due Sept. 5th

    • August Progress Survey - Due Sept. 5th

    • Quarterly Report #3 (July-Aug) - Due Sept 5th

  • 14

    Program Year Assignments

    • Professional Horseman Checklist - Due July 31st

    • Competition & Show Manager Report and Essay - Show Manager Report Submission - Due Aug. 31st

    • Competition & Show Manager Report and Essay - Essay Submission - Due Aug. 31st

    • In-Hand Trail Video - Due Aug. 31st

    • Wildcard Points - Due Aug. 31st

    • Income and Expenses - Due Aug. 31st

    • Growth Chart - Due Aug. 31st

    • Program Summary - Due Aug. 31st

  • 15


    • Welcome to the 2024 Young Horse Development Program

  • 16

    Contact Information

    • YHD Participant Contact Information

    • RHB Contact Information