AQHYA Programs

We've created resources just for you to develop your horsemanship skills.  Check out the Young Horse Development Program, the National Youth Racing Experience, or dive into our educational materials to learn more.

  • Leadership

    Just like AQHA, AQHYA also maintains its own governing body of young adults that are committed to giving back and making AQHYA the best it can be for youth members!

  • Education

    Through platforms such as AQHLearn and Junior Master Horseman, youth can grow their skills and test your horse knowledge.

  • Competitions & Contests

    The Ford Youth World gives AQHYA members an opportunity to show off their skills by competing with their American Quarter Horses and have some fun along the way both in and out of the arena.

  • Awards & Scholarships

    Growing up with an American Quarter Horse teaches youth the values of compassion, dedication and hard work. For youth who strive to turn their passion into a career, scholarships can help make higher education affordable.

  • Horsemanship

    AQHYA offers a variety of unique programs designed specifically for youth members to increase their leadership and horsemanship abilities.